Fishing for salmon in Ontario

I go fishing alone, far from the crowds.
Salmon is the best now in Ontario.

Salmon caught trolling

Got the fish by trolling with electric motor in W500. Best fish action when those fish go in aerial show.

This video was shot last year on lake Simcoe – It shows me trolling in my other boat, a Wavewalk 500, which I use mostly with an electric trolling motor:



I’m Pyt, from Toronto, and I’ve been fishing from a Wavewalk 500 kayak for over six years, by myself and with my kids on board. I’ve often used electric trolling motors with it.
I recently upgraded to a Wavewalk S4, which I use with a 2.3 HP outboard petrol motor for trolling big lakes. I’m planning to get a bigger motor for it.

I like the Wavewalk design for its extreme stability, comfort, and dryness, as well as the fact that it can be motorized easily and effectively. I don’t need a trailer to transport my Wavewalks, since I can take them in my minivan.

I’d be happy to show you my rigged and motorized S4.

My cellphone number is 647 993-9303 (call or text)

I shot this video in Lake Simcoe, on my maiden voyage in my S4 –


This slideshow could give you an idea about S4 capabilities –