Fishing Kayak or Portable Boat? Or Both?

Wavewalk offers a unique product line comprising patented twin-hull, namely catamaran-style kayaks and car-top boats.
These three series are the Wavewalk 500 introduced in 2009, the Wavewalk 700 introduced in August of 2015, and the new Series 4 dubbed S4.

Wavewalk 500 (W500)

The Wavewalk 500 is the smallest of the three series, and the most lightweight – It weighs just 60 lbs (27 kg), and it can take a payload of 360 lbs (163 kg), which makes it suitable for up to two non-heavy paddlers, or one big and heavy fisherman.

The Wavewalk 500 features a saddle-seat similar in shape to the seat found in personal watercraft (PWC). The passengers ride this seat with a leg on each side, a posture which eliminates back pain and delivers the highest power in paddling and the best balancing capabilities.



The Wavewalk 500 is the world’s most stable kayak by its size, outperformed only by the bigger Wavewalk 700 and S4


The Wavewalk 500 lends itself to motorizing with electric trolling motors, and with portable outboard gas motors of up to 3 horsepower,a and it is stable enough to offer its driver to stand up, even in choppy water:

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The Wavewalk 700 (W700)

The Wavewalk 700 is similar in built to the smaller Wavewalk 500. It weighs 20 lbs more, and it is 18 inches longer. All the extra length is in the 7’6″ long cockpit (228 cm), which makes it very cozy even for a crew of two large size fishermen who carry plenty of gear on board.
The W700 is 31 inches wide (79 cm), and its stability is unmatched in the world of kayaks, even by comparison to the W500:


The Wavewalk 700 is most suitable for big and heavy fishermen, and for people with disabilities, but it’s much more than a kayak –
The combination of stability and comfort deliver a level of performance which turns the W700 into a remarkable portable (car-top) boat that can be propelled by a powerful outboard motor, and driven in choppy water, which makes it suitable for fishing the Great Lakes –

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The New Series 4 (S4)

At 98 lbs (44.5 kg) the S4 is still a car-top boat, namely one that a person can upload and download on their own, without help.
This high level of portability is important, since you don’t want to depend on being able to take an adult fishing partner with you on all your fishing trips.
With a 38″ (96.5 cm) wide and 96″ (244 cm) long cockpit and a skiff-style stand-up casting platform at its bow, the S4 delivers the comfort, roominess, and stability of a much bigger boat.

The sides of its cockpit are slanted, a design which allows its crew to paddle it effectively as a canoe or as a tandem kayak, but more effectively thanks to the Riding posture and the unmatched tracking of the boat’s twin catamaran-style hulls.
The S4 can take a 680 lbs (309 kg) payload, and this means either two very big and heavy passengers, or three passengers of average size.

The S4 delivers a level of stability comparable to the stability offered by much bigger boats.

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